Short Term Disability

An injured employee is worried about many things, including surviving without a paycheck. Since the accident happened off the job, Worker's Compensation won't cover it. If an employee has to rely on savings, research shows this will last on average just 4.8 weeks. An insured Short Term Disability plan can replace up to 100% of the income lost due to injury of sickness. Focusing on short term disability is the first step to gaining control of overall disability costs. A well-managed STD plan can help an employer identify, track and handle claims professionally and consistently. Active claim management through a fully-insured plan can help shorten the duration of disabilities through rehabilitation and return-to-work efforts, reducing your costs and preventing short term disabilities from turning into long term ones.


Will our Worker's Comp cover short term claims?

62% of disabilities occur off the job. These are not covered by Worker's Comp.

Doesn't State Disability pay for short term disabilities?

Yes, but SDI only pays 55% of income up to $334 per week. An STD plan can be designed with higher percentages and maximums to replace a larger amount of income. The STD plan will pay on top of SDI to these higher amounts.

Does an insured STD plan cover pregnancies?

Yes, pregnancies are covered as any other disability.

How often do short term disabilities occur?

The average occurrence of STD claims is 65 per 1,000 insured lives per year.